"I create training designed to inspire people."

- Jeremy Snell, Director at Zero Entropy Networks


Get your rookies off to a great start with the ZEN Academy. Bite sized training content with guided learning activities to create great habits and behaviours.


Develop your sales capability to thrive in today’s digital world – tactical approaches to find, win and retain great customers for recruiters in any market.


Helping you build a high performing recruitment business by working closely with you to create the right culture, systems and processes to scale.

Inspire people to do what?

To act. To put ideas into practice and to learn through doing. Learning is owned by the individual – you can’t make someone learn. It’s the danger of mandatory training. The reason most training fails is too much emphasis is placed on the content and outcomes, with little thought for the participant and why they would want to learn.

Traditional training is fundamentally broken.

You’ve probably seen it many times before – training that doesn’t live long enough in the business to generate real results. All too quickly you see the team revert to old habits and inconsistent results.

What’s different about me?

You’ll be pleased to hear I don’t work with everyone who contacts me. I assess you and your expectations as much as you inspect me and my potential to help. I know I’m not going to be a fit for everyone and that’s OK. 

I work best with businesses who embrace learning and performance development from top to bottom. I want people to enjoy the learning experience and be able to see their progression – the support, coaching and accountability sessions is what creates meaningful adoption and change.


Because I create learning experiences that help transition training into action. Action that creates long term change and increases in productivity. This can only happen with the full sponsorship and involvement of the Senior Leadership Team, managers and participants. 

I’ve worked with over 10,000 recruiters in 22 countries

I know from personal experience what it takes to succeed and how to help others achieve exceptional results.


I am painfully aware of what contributes to failure of adoption.


I can help you to empower your team and give them the tools, skills and roadmap to produce consistently high levels of results.


It’s a simple process when you follow the right path.

Train. Learn. Do. Review.


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