As a recruitment business owner, you know you can’t always do everything on your own.

Having the right team around you provides you with the support and accountability to ensure you are making good decisions and on track for…

…well, whatever you have as your vision for the business:

I’ve worked with multiple business owners, helping them build the business they want to own.

There are numerous NEDs who work with recruitment agencies. Like any profession, some are better than others. Each is fit for purpose based upon their knowledge, capabilities and the goals you’re seeking to achieve.


what's my pitch?

If I do my job right with you, you’ll outgrow me.

My intention from the beginning will be to help you to arrive at a point where you no longer need me.

As you enter your next phase (whatever that is), then another advisor or consultant could be more relevant for the next steps. 

My superpower is helping business owners build high performing businesses to generate the income to underwrite growth. 

I’ll help you get results through the people in your business – a blend of business consultancy to define the right processes and then development of people to create consistent performance.

I’ve helped business owners …

Grow from 3 heads to over 40 contributing consultants in less than four years.​

Achieve market position in new territories and markets to then scale from sole trader to high performing teams generating over £250k in GM per month from less than 5 consultants.​

Develop L&D initiatives to help fast track agencies grow from 40 to 200 consultants in less than two years.​

Exit their business through sale and improve multipliers received through development of robust structures and systems to ensure continued growth after exit of the principal.​

I could help you develop your own plan to scale and grow your agency.


I also might not be the right person, or your plan may be too fanciful and I’d rather not get involved.


A 20 minute conversation and we’ll both have more clarity to decide if we’re the right fit for each other.