Sales is a simple process.

Speak to the right person, on the right day, about the right subject and make it easy to say yes.

It seems most sales people over complicate it.

Sales is an essential function for every business …

… not just recruitment. Making sure that your sales team are winning good business from the right profile of customer will ensure you can scale your business.

The majority of sales activity in recruitment is poorly executed with low level results that demotivates consultants and irritates prospects.

Too frequently consultants are overly fixated on vacancies and immediate transactional opportunities.

Accidental projections of neediness and lack the ability to communicate true value and purpose reduces sales success.

Successful sales training starts with mindset.

Often the biggest barriers to improving sales performance are inside your business-


What your consultants choose to believe is possible


How they plan and execute their sales strategy


How consultants behave with prospects



What have I helped others achieve?

Through learning and development initiatives with agencies across a wide variety of sectors I’ve helped them to:

It is worth noting that the desire and wants of the consultant are ALWAYS 90% of the success with these projects. You don’t break £1m in gross margin per year with a keyboard and a sense of entitlement.

These are consistent examples, if you’ve read this far down the page then perhaps it would make sense for us to have a conversation. We can stress test each other and see if we’re a fit.

Are your consultants ready to sell more?

Just because you want them to, doesn’t mean they do.

If you want to influence the sales capability of the team it’s important you have them all onboard with why it is important for them, not for you and the business.

I’ll work closely with you to understand the profile of the team to ensure they’re ready to learn how to improve their sales performance.

I’ve helped consultants at all levels improve their sales capability and results. Taking people on development paths to increase sales measured in billings, average fee / gross margin per deal and client commitment.


Defining what good business looks like and how to find it.

Setting a sales strategy to win customers for life.

Generating leads and sales intelligence.

Creating compelling sales messages and value propositions.

Implementing a consultative sales methodology to engage with prospects.

Qualifying and on boarding clients to secure maximum attention.

Developing repeat business and increasing average spend per customer.

Multimedia sales incorporating video, email, social, phone and automation.

Running face to face and virtual sales meetings to secure maximum commitment.

Together, we focus on generating sales performance that increases revenues – from existing customers and prospects.

I deliver sales training in digestible, bite sized chunks. Every session has an action plan to convert tactics into behaviours.

Regular coaching and accountability sessions keeps everyone focused on their learning and sales performance. 

Each session builds upon the previous. The right processes and structures create the bedrock upon which I help them to develop skill.

This isn’t tea and biscuits in the boardroom to have a refresher. This is performance focused learning.